Cooking an Easy Christmas Turkey with Jamie Oliver

Easy Christmas Turkey Recipe by Jamie Oliver


  • 1 free-range turkey 7 kg
  • Cranberries 100 g
  • Fresh thyme 6 sprigs
  • Unsalted butter 250 g
  • Smoked streaky bacon 10 slices

Cooking Instructions:

  1. If you are looking for meat dishes for Christmas, check this recipe out. Chop 100 g of dried cranberries with 2 sprigs of fresh thyme, make it nice and fine. Add some salt and pepper. Mix it with 250 g of butter.
  2. Take your beautiful Christmas turkey. Spread your flavored butter under turkeyโ€™s skin. Spread it really carefully, it is very important. Spread the rest of butter on turkeyโ€™s skin. Place 2 sprigs into the cavity.
  3. Put your turkey on the baking tray, place some thyme under the turkey. Tuck up your bird in foil nice and snug.
  4. Place your turkey into the oven for 3 hours at 180 degrees. Cook your turkey for 2 hours with the foil on, then, remove it.
  5. In 3 hours, put the turkey out of the oven and place slices of smoked streaky bacon on your turkey. Place it into the oven for more 20 minutes.
  6. Let your Christmas turkey rest for 30 minutes.

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